Monash University homepage policy on your privacy

Note: The University has a broader privacy policy which follows, we include more detailed information about some aspects here for your information.

Commitment to your privacy is your personalised doorway into the Monash and external resources that may be relevant to you during your time at Monash. We want you to know that we respect your privacy and we will abide by the relevant privacy guidelines.

Your security

When you access, we ask you to login using your AuthCate username and password. This means we can provide you with personalised content based on information we know about you and according to your preferences.

It is your reponsibility to protect your AuthCate details - to ensure this, it is recommended that you completely close all browser windows you have opened during your session within and that you don't reveal your AuthCate details to anyone.

Cookies uses cookies. The cookie is a chunk of information that puts on your hard disk so that your session is maintained until you logout. It is possible to disable cookies on your browser, however, by doing so, you will not be able to login to

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